Shadow Work Starter Kit

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Want to get started on learning my best approaches to cultivating a shadow work practice that you can rely on, time and time again, no matter how challenging life gets? Learn my best core strategies on how to curate your own personal practice that’s genuinely aligned, deeply respectful, trauma-informed, conscience-driven, courteous, and that honors the dignity of everyone involved (including you).

Get to know and experience the resilience of your mind in a way that makes the world beautiful and abundant with opportunities. No medications. No performing in a way that is inauthentic. No manipulating anyone. This is a Self-Development tool you’ll actually want to use for years to come. 

What will you get with this digital offering? 

Four things*

Become Self-Actualized

Choose Responsibility - Reclaim Your Mind - Serve The World

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Introduction to Shadow Integration

2 Part Video Series

These modules will teach you...

  • What shadows are
  • How shadows form
  • The importance of honoring our shadows
  • How to identify your hidden shadow
  • AND the basic fundamentals of shadow integration

Shadow Psychology: Glossary of Terms E-book

  • This glossary has key terms both from Carl Jung’s psychoanalytic framework as well as concepts from my own framework I’ve developed over the last ten years.
  • The intention is to make these concepts approachable and practically applicable to your personal practice.

Shadow Prompt Workbook

  • This E-book includes 21 shadow prompts to begin taking immediate action based on what you will learn from the previous material.