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Identity Creation

WHO do you become when you embrace power and reject powerlessness? 

The truth is, we are so much more than our pain, conditioning and trauma would ever have us believe were possible. 

Many of us have a clear vision in our minds of the life we would like to live and the work that is required for us to arrive there. 

And yet, we feel like a rudderless ship lost in the night, stranded in the abyss.

We don’t FEEL like the captain in control of our vessel, but rather an idle passenger. 

How can we know EXACTLY where we want to be, but fail to get where we are going?


The answer is simple. 


Your identity is the most accurate predictor of whether or not you will achieve your life ambitions. 

And your commitment to prioritizing and maintaining a healthy self-image directly relates to the degree of internal well-being you will experience throughout every moment and interaction of your life. 

If you do not have non-negotiable practices in place for the cultivation of a healthy identity, you will be harshly confronted by regret.


Consider this:

Each of us enters this world as a glorious creation. Perfectly free from the judgments of society, free to express ourselves, and abundant with deliriously endless joy. 

As we grow older, modern societal norms encourage us to remain distracted from our joy, disconnected and obedient. Each of these is a lump of clay thrown on top of our pristine being. Over time they solidify to form a new mold around us that we were not expecting.

It is our responsibility to become conscious creators, diligently sculpting away to correct these errors until we rediscover the beauty of our original creation, while also making it something new and more brilliant than ever. 

This is the most HEROIC form of rebellion any individual can pursue in our modern times. 

A powerfully curated identity is the unmistakable sense of charm, trustworthiness, and charisma that radiates from the core of an individual who governs themselves wisely in all realms of human endeavor.

It’s time to take responsibility and turn yourself into the human being who is waiting beneath the surface ready to be UNLEASHED.

It’s time to break the fucking mold.