Shadow Integration Specialist

Mental Alchemist

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Shadow Integration Specialist

Mental Alchemist

Mentor & Guide

Meet Chris Orozco

Chris supports deep transformations in the lives of his clients and has been doing so for the last decade.

His extensive background in Shadow Integration, Hermeticism, martial arts and western psychology, combine to form a unique teaching approach that is trusted by Coaches, Business Owners, Athletes, Artists, and Entertainers.

He resides in Los Angeles, California, where he devotes his time outside of his private practice to community development, music and mental health research.

Some personal history:

His work did not happen by choice, but rather he was summoned to it, by design. There was simply no choice in the matter...regardless of how long he attempted to avoid it.

After witnessing the death of his father at an incredibly early age, Chris was destined to lead an unconventional life. Like many young men, he struggled for years to find a positive masculine figure to model himself after. He responded to this tragedy as any young man would, expressing himself through youthful angst that was amplified by his love and passion for punk rock music. 

Chris's early life was driven by a D.I.Y. punk mentality as he was forced into carving out his own path as an adolescent. 

Once he escaped the public schooling system, he pursued a hedonistic expedition of sex, drugs & rock n roll. His deepest teacher was and has always been experience. Through that paradigm, he began to uncover deeper truths about himself and how those around him were reflections of those hidden truths.

At the age of 26, Chris had reached a breaking point. It was evident that if he did not embrace radical responsibility for his negative tendencies, his life would be destined for a never-ending downward spiral. It was shortly after this when Chris met a young woman who would introduce him to shadow work and other Jungian concepts. 

For the first time in his life, it was clear that his happiness and well-being were simply a matter of making better decisions for the number of parts that existed inside of him--and inside all of us. 

Chris tenaciously began dissecting himself psychologically, working relentlessly to understand the inner mechanisms of his psyche and the total sum of its parts. He studied the ideas of Carl Jung, Nietzsche, Jordan Peterson, Western Hermeticism, and every religion or spiritual practice he could find. He devoured any piece of wisdom that could be integrated into what would ultimately become the practice for facilitating his liberation. 

After years of trial and error, Chris's breaking point had become his breakthrough. 

In the earlier years, Chris worked mostly with men, assisting them in areas of communicating, understanding, & connecting from an authentic and healthy place. Guiding men through their internal process to develop deeper presence, direct communication, and healthier belief systems around relating to themselves and the world at large. Much of Chris’s work with men was (and still is) about guiding others to be better with themselves, and from here, we become naturally more attractive, inspiring and integrated human beings. 

Soon after, women began to reach out for sessions and emotional support.

Chris has spent over a decade dedicated to his internal psychological work, untangling all of the internal conditionings and lies that we have all been force-fed in droves, by a society whose default state is absolute misery and bewilderment. Once emerged, he began to turn his attention to assisting this process within others.

Through his deep experiential understanding of psycho-dynamics and emotional interplay, he arrived at his own potent creation which has become the foundation of what he offers today.

This powerful integration practice facilitates setting others free from the shackles of limitation - psychologically, spiritually, financially and sexually.

Today, Chris shares his work globally in the form of private sessions, group gatherings & retreats.

With his deeply intuitive ability to identify someones negative conditioning, he powerfully guides others in returning home to a place of vibrant aliveness, and connection with their Highest-Self, restoring freedom, sanity, & loving kindness.


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